We are here to help you bring your concepts to reality expeditiously

The concept to commercialization process begins with the formulation/reformulation of a product that fulfills a need or provides product improvement. Our experienced team will use their expertise to create innovative and marketable new products to best serve your customers. We formulate and scale-up your products using the high-quality ingredients and specialized equipment.

Formulation and/or Reverse-engineering

Dietary supplements, OTC, and Rx products are formulated in our laboratory. We specialize in liquid, suspension, and suppository manufacturing.


Prototypes are cost-effectively scaled-up to develop full scale manufacturing processes.

Test Batches

Test batches allow us to study and optimize the manufacturing, filling, and packaging procedures prior to validation. Test batches are used to collect stability data for expiration date establishment.


Process Validation

We look at the life cycle of the product to generate specific procedures, protocols, and reports to validate the manufacturing, filling, and packaging processes.



We provide continued technical support and stay alert for opportunities to improve your product.