Complete Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling Solutions

Ultrum Labs provides turn-key contract manufacturing and private labeling solutions for the over-the-counter (OTC), prescription (Rx), dietary supplement, and cosmetic markets. Our services include formulation, manufacturing, analysis, and packaging and our product dosage forms include liquids, suspensions, and suppositories.

Located in Tampa, Florida, our manufacturing site offers manufacturing and packaging of short, medium, and large production runs. In addition, our company maintains a laboratory capable of providing a full suite of formulation development and analytical services.


Concept to commercialization begins with formulation/reformulation of a product that fulfills a need.


We are commitment to product quality, consistency, and integrity.


Our assembly lines are designed to make products ready for commercialization.


Our experienced quality control team works to bring clients the highest level of analysis.

Meet Ultrum Labs

With full cGMP Compliance, we provide the highest quality services in the manufacturing process. To ensure top quality, all phases of the production cycle are constantly monitored by our QC team. From pilot/stability batches to analytical testing to full-scale production, we have the flexibility and expertise to handle all sorts of OTC, Rx, dietary supplement, and cosmetic products.

Our research and development team has the capabilities for new product development, formulation, reformulation, and reverse engineering. Our full turn-key services allow you to focus on marketing your products because we take care of product development. Here at Ultrum Labs, we are dedicated to meeting all your R&D, manufacturing, and packaging goals.

Personalized Service to Meet Your Needs

Our process is efficient, personalized, and dependable to meet your needs. We strive for outstanding results through successful partnerships. We understand that entrusting the manufacturing of your product to another company requires finding a partner who shares your standards. This partner is Ultrum Labs!

Cost-effective & Efficient

Our supply chain network assures timely and efficient procurement of all raw materials and components needed to make your product, minimizing your costs, and maximizing your profits.